• One on One Sessions

    Just Yarns

    Need to chat?

    Feeling a little lost and needing some direction? The 'Just Yarns' sessions are great for anyone needing to have a chat about life, reflect on the good times and explore ideas for future endeavours.

    Sessions are in person or online

    Cost: $60 for 1 hour

    Free Your Mind

    Connect, Dream & Flow

    Focusing on Identity, Aspirations and Self-Care the 'Free Your Mind' Sessions provide a combination of yarning and activities. It's a great way to begin your 'new you' journey

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    Ochre Spirit



    Connect, Dream & Flow


    Over six sessions I will assist you to connect with what you value ~family~family~community~etc.

    You will be exploring your dreams~ your hopes, visions, intention, needs, wants, likes and loves.

    Finding your flow~ know and utilise your tools, walk with strength and confidence, live with passion, show up and be comfortable.





  • Group Sessions

    Symbols, Signs and Creative Expression

    Traditional Storytelling

    A series of challenges for the group participants.

    Utilising traditional storytelling methods participants will be taking digital images of symbols and signs that represent their stories.

    Get out and have fun while perceiving life from a different angle. Incorporate your unique perspectives into your Work/Play spaces.


    2 Session Workshops available

    • 1.5-2hr Session
    • 1-Day Session


    1 day Group Sessions

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  • Connect

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