• About Me

    “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.”

    Maya Angelou

    Hi, I am Mandi Barton, I'm the Cultural Identity and Wellbeing Facilitator/Advisor/Artist/Counsellor at Biyala B. I am a Yorta Yorta woman, a mother of 3 daughters, an Aboriginal community member in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne with connections to Northern Rivers, Bundjalung mob.

    I'm passionate about wellbeing and healing, I love seeing people ‘connect’. Sporty, arty, country drives, avid cloud and sunset watcher and occasional sunrise watcher (when I go to bed way too late) I need to be near water (river/ocean/creek any body of water will do), I daydream about travelling and want to visit every country on earth.


    I have worked with both Aboriginal communities and mainstream agencies to deliver cultural programs and workshops. I have obtained a:

    • Bachelor of Arts, Deakin Uni
    • Graduate Diploma of Natural Resources Management
    • Cert 3 ATSI Art and Design, RMIT 
    • Master of Indigenous Studies (Wellbeing), Southern Cross University
    • Working With Children Check


    In the heart of Biyala B is Dadirri, an Aboriginal way of being still and quiet to reconnect with each and every element. As we are not just connected, we and all living and non-living things are part of the energetic flow of life. It is our DNA, our Spirit Ancestors, the ocean currents, the rain falling down on Mother Earth, it is the trees swaying in the wind, the sparkling stars showing the way, it is the footprints left by the emu, it is in the wing of Bunjil the eagle. It is the past, present and future.


    Biyala B

    Biyala means red gum tree in Yorta Yorta language.

    The tree is healing, it provides health and wellbeing.

    The roots symbolizes the connection to our family and ancestors. It is nourished by and nourishing Mother Earth.

    The trunk is the core, it is strong and can shield from the harshest storms.

    The branches reach out to the universe, inspiring and leading others.

    The growth of the leaves provide shelter, for itself and others. It protects and provides security.

    The leaves are the connection to the spirit world and the positive energies. It provides music and smoke and medicine.